Holiday Gifting 101

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It's that time of year again and we know exactly what it’s like to be on the lookout for that perfect gift. At For the People, we know you expect to find unique items that leave a lasting impression. No matter who's on your list, we have what you need to help make this holiday a special one. Take a virtual tour with us; we’re excited to introduce you to some fun ideas.

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Wood toys are durable, simple and never go out of style. Candylab Toys lives by that philosophy and offers a line of wood cars inspired by a combined love of mid-century furniture craftsmanship and America's greatest cars. (Quite a fusion, eh?) Seeing broken, useless plastic toys lying around, the founders of Brooklyn-based Candylab Toys decided to design a line of simple, wood cars that kids can use their imaginations to play with instead of pressing electronic buttons and changing batteries. The Plum 50 Wood Car is carved from solid beech wood and painted a striking plum color. Like all of the cars in the line, it features ABS plastic rims, food-grade rubber tires, and is thoroughly safety-tested. Towie is a wooden tow truck specially designed with a sturdy rubber band to tow any Candylab cars back to the garage for a tune-up.

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Another favorite toy company, manny and simon, offers an array of essentials for kids including classic vehicles and animals, screen-printed clothing, and wooden toys and furniture for the playroom. Making its debut in San Diego in 2008, all of the products produced by manny and simon are designed and made in the USA using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The Giraffe Wood Push Toy is a bright new take on the classic wood heirloom toys of yesteryear. It has an easy-to-grab handle for tiny hands to push and pick up. It is made of 100% American-grown reclaimed wood and is non-toxic. Even the paint is VOC-free. The Squarish Shaker is designed for young babies aged to grab and teethe on. It is made from smooth, non-splintering wood that has been treated with olive oil and organic beeswax. The wood is non-allergenic, naturally anti-bacterial, and non-toxic.

Tom Dixon is a British designer who started his namesake company in 2002. Based on a mission to breathe new life into the British furniture industry, the company has expanded to offer thousands of innovative products for every facet of the home. The Tom Dixon Tank Low Balls are exquisitely crafted from mouth-blown clear glass embellished with hand-painted copper detailing. Its heavy weight and generous proportions make it the perfect glass for whiskey or cocktails. The company logo is sand blasted onto the base. Sold in a set of two.

 Tom Dixon London Tank Series Low Balls -  Phoenix Modern Design

Ezra Arthur is a Phoenix-based company dedicated to crafting heirloom-quality men's accessories designed to last a lifetime. Always made in the USA, Ezra Arthur engineers each of their products - which include a wide variety of wallets, belts, and shaving accessories - to look as attractive as they are dependable. The team uses only American-sourced leather and they meticulously inspect their products for correct sizing and quality craftsmanship before giving final approval. No glue, plastic, rubber or linings are used in their wallets, allowing the leather to develop a rich patina with age. The No. 2 Wallet is one of our very best sellers and poses a rich minimalist option for the style-conscious man. Slim and elegant without sacrificing space, this wallet keeps everything you need invisibly within reach. Available in multiple color options.

 ezra arthur wallets phoenix - bison made

Rebecca Finell is an Austin-based designer of neo luxe fashion accessories and housewares. She strives to redefine modern design while celebrating simplicity, luxury, and innovative materials. The Finell Iso Clutch is an award-winning design made from premium, American-sourced leather. Its origami-inspired shape features a black nylon interior and is finished with a black matte metal zipper. It also includes an extendable wrist strap for different styling options.

Heidi Abrahamson is a self-taught jewelry maker with a studio open to the public in central Phoenix. Greatly influenced by mid-20th century silversmiths, she began collecting the works of those designers before venturing into her own jewelry-making career. She studied interior arts and design at Indiana University and later worked in visual merchandising for a number of firms. Her design philosophy is to make jewelry that doubles as “architecture for the body”. Abrahamson's Modern Ring is a true statement piece. Made of sterling silver and oxidized brass, this stunning piece of jewelry is a wonderfully inspiring testament to mid-century industrial design.

We’ve worked hard to fill our store with items that engage and inspire. This article introduces you to a few favorites but, truth be told, there’s a lot more where these came from! So please - come by the store or visit us online: we can’t wait to show you around!

Introducing: Modern Christmas Trees

 The Modern Christmas Tree Phoenix Mid Century Design

The history of the Modern Christmas Tree dates to the mid-1960s when architect Lawrence "Bud" Stoecker set out to create a Christmas tree like no other. Working with various materials, he eventually created a Plexiglas tree of concentric circles that amused and delighted all who viewed it.

Fast-forward more than four decades and the Modern Christmas Tree was born. Designer Matthew Bliss took his grandfather's vision and refined it, turning the typical Christmas tree into a work of art. The tree is now a fixture in Disneyland's annual holiday celebrations. Bliss’s trees have also been featured in the Contemporist, Dwell, Atomic Ranch, the Denver Post, and much more.

The new modern tree is acrylic, which makes it more durable and also more lightweight. Every tree comes with an LED light that is brilliantly reflected from the glass-like ring and optional ornaments. Each tree also includes a rotating mirror ball as an additional touch of lighting genius.

Bliss continued to build on his grandfather’s work by introducing different sizes of trees. He has recently created the half-tree, which stands at six feet tall, a full 1-1/2 ft shorter than the original design. The company also creates the Jubilee, a tabletop tree that fits in well with every decor.

Bud Stoecker suffered from Alzheimer's in his later years. He passed away just prior to his grandson having received a patent on the Christmas tree design. Understanding the great impact of Bud’s original vision, Bliss has dedicated his Christmas tree creations to the memory of his grandfather. Each tree includes Bud Stoecker's signature as a reminder of the original creative brains behind the beauty. In addition, a donation to the Alzheimer's Association is made in Stoecker's name each time a Christmas tree is purchased.

We love this tree for its simplicity and for its story. Aside from being a clean, convenient, modern alternative to a typical Christmas tree, we also love how brilliant this holiday decoration is. We love the way it glimmers and shines, and we love the way it complements just about any setting you display it in.

Each Modern Christmas Tree includes an installation guide and all necessary installation hardware, making setup and teardown a breeze. It also packs nicely into a condensed space for easy storage and affordable shipping.

Once the tree has been installed and ornaments are hung, the tree take son a life of its own, throwing light and color and shadow in all directions - an effect that is at once stimulating, inspiring, and sincerely calming. We seriously can’t get enough of these trees!

As a versatile and stylish alternative to live Christmas trees, the Modern Christmas Tree is a perfect fit for any home or office. The smaller options make incredibly memorable and creative gifts, too!

 jubilee modern christmas tree phoenix

Like so many of the amazing products that we get so excited to share you all of you, the Modern Christmas Tree is something you really have to see to fully understand. So come on by the store and experience this gorgeous piece of art for yourself, or visit us online to learn more!

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Introducing: Thrive Home Furnishings

 mid century modern sofa from thrive furniture phoenix

Thrive Home Furnishings offers mid century modern inspired furniture for those who desire to fill their homes with timeless modern design that is both functional and visually stunning. Every piece of their furniture is designed and crafted by hand in the heart of Los Angeles.  This small factory employs over 45 woodworkers, upholstery specialists, designers, and a small support team who bring every piece of furniture to life, and safely ships anywhere in the USA.  The company creates ready-built furniture as well as custom pieces, bragging over 1400 possible combinations!

With a specific focus on quality and education, Thrive has established a business on the most significant tenets of true customer service and overall experience. Purchasing a piece of Thrive furniture allows you to take a step back in time to the sleek, modern lines of mid-century America with all the speed and variety of modern convenience, fast production time, and in-home delivery.

Thrive has also focused on providing a truly unique experience in terms of customization, allowing the customer to become as involved as they wish with every piece of the customization process. Since every piece is handmade right here in the USA, every piece is made to last and truly unlike any other.

For The People has chosen to showcase Thrive because it is a top quality company that shows caring skill with each piece it creates. Every fabric and wood stain has been specifically and carefully chosen in order to highlight the construction of a chair, sofa, or bench. All pieces are manufactured with the customer in mind, never forgetting that furniture is not be made solely to be looked at but also to be used. Thrive furniture is comfortable, warm, and always in vogue.

We love the beautiful lines and invisible seams of this furniture. We love how automatically our visitors are magnetized to the stunning chairs and sofas. We love displaying “books” of fabric options alongside our favorite Thrive furniture. We love the process of helping our customers conceptualize, build, and order their very own, one-of-a-kind furnishings. We also love how quickly Thrive manufactures and delivers these custom products (usually in only 2 weeks or less!).

Longevity is a virtual guarantee with Thrive, and this is obvious at first glance. The company's mid century modern design is inviting, fashionable, and timeless. Though these pieces call to a simpler era, the designs are so versatile that they fit beautifully with any style. We’ve been to Los Angeles, we’ve visited the shop, we’ve met the artisans building this furniture, and we couldn’t be more proud to carry their work here in our store!


You’ll always be able to find a healthy supply of Thrive products at our home location in Uptown Phoenix. We love this furniture, so we make sure to keep plenty of it around. We literally live in and around it every day and want to share that experience with you!

Come on by, grab a coffee, and have a seat in one of our Kennedy Chairs, a piece that is as comfortable as it is stunning. Available in literally dozens of colors and fabrics, the Kennedy Chair is an American made lounge chair that’s fitting for any room of the house or office. This is a fun one for you impatient shoppers, too, because we almost always have inventory of this style in our store (although it’s getting harder and harder, because these things sell as quickly as we can get them in!). 

The Hans Wegner Shell Chair is a more distinct throwback to mid century modern aesthetics. The three curved legs give the piece an aerodynamic appearance that is at once modern and decidedly retro. As with all Thrive furniture, this chair is made in America and is completely customizable. Choose a subdued grey or tan fabric to highlight the unique design elements or make the piece truly pop by opting for brilliant red or teal.

 mid century modern furniture phoenix, arizona - thrive furniture - sofa

The Sullivan Chair and Sullivan Sofa are some more of our favorites. We keep this retro style in stock as often as possible. It easily stands the test of time, as does the craftsmanship. Comfortable, clean, modern, and affordable - these pieces are literally everything that we look for in a good set of furniture for any room of the house or office. Again - fully customizable coupled with quick delivery makes this furniture a really compelling option for just about any lover of beautiful design.

If you can’t make it into the store, contact us via our online store to discuss order options - we’d love the opportunity to help you design and order your very own piece(s) of Thrive home furnishings!

Hip Outdoor Spaces: Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

 mid-century modern outdoor living phoenix-modfire fireplace-landscape design

Fall is approaching.  Here in Phoenix, it's the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spruce up you outdoor living spaces with a few essentials.  Whether you live within the urban core in a contemporary pad, have just purchased an amazing mid-century modern home, or just want to kick up your suburban abode, here are a few of our favorites...

 astrofire - modern phoenix design- for the people- mid century modern

Modfire is a labor of love founded by two enterprising Indiana friends, Marty Young and Brandon Williams. The two men met in Chicago in 2005 and quickly found out they had grown up less than 20 miles away from each other in rural Indiana. With similar backgrounds and a shared love of building and design, the pair began fabricating one-of-a-kind steel installations for high-end Chicago lofts and making steel furniture.

 brandon williams phoenix - modfire- mid century modern design phoenix   

After six years and several changes to their artistic vision, the duo opened a studio in Phoenix where they now perfect and innovate modern outdoor fireplace design. The studio hit the mark with their signature design, a melding of urban Chicago and mid-century modern Phoenix architecture. Today, the design duo works with a team of steel artisans to hand-fabricate every piece of artwork in the studio, and the company has expanded to offer a wide variety of products. While Marty now focuses on customer relations, Brandon is still personally involved in the creation of every piece.

 hip haven- mid century modern planters phoenix arizona

Hip Haven is owned and operated by designer Kelley Sandridge and based in Austin, Texas. The company made its online debut in 2002 and focuses on designing what it refers to as “Retromodern Décor”, inspired by mid-20th-century modern style aesthetics. The company made a big splash with the Retro Bullet Planter. A true piece of art that can be described as one part science fiction, one part primitive, the piece has garnered national attention as a sleek piece of modern design in stunning retro style.

 mid century modern design phoenix - retro bullet planters - hip haven

As the company has grown over the past decade, it has incorporated its winning style of the Retro Bullet into other products such as lighting fixtures and outdoor furnishings.

Sleek. Stylish. Modern. These are the hallmarks of Modfire's design philosophy, blending so perfectly with our own vision for functional and visual perfection here at For The People.

The signature Modfire outdoor fireplace is an award-winning design that complements any outdoor space. Meeting somewhere at the intersection of space ships and old-fashioned smoke stacks, the Modfire fireplace seamlessly blends form and function. Available in seven bright colors in both natural gas and propane models, this piece stands an impressive four feet tall and certainly can’t be missed.

We love that Modfire is local. These guys have a truly unique vision and a line of outdoor products unlike any that we’ve ever seen before. We are so proud to carry their work in our store!

Hip Haven's Retro Bullet Planter is no less impressive. A true throwback to the original bullet planters of mid-century America, the Hip Haven Retro Bullet Planter is available in a total of 16 vibrant colors, ensuring it will pair perfectly with any décor. We love them - find them scattered all around our shop!

The sleek metal stand is available in black, white and unfinished steel powder-coat finishes, any one of which adds a visually stunning punch of mid-century modern style to the piece. The planter comes in three size options to accommodate any space.

We love the modern urban design flair of Modfire and we’ll always be suckers for true mid-century design aesthetics like those presented in the Retro Bullet Planter. But we especially love how fully customizable each of these products is!

Whatever your outdoor set-up, you can find perfect pairings here at For The People. And if you’re still on the hunt for other outdoor furnishings, we’ve got those, too! Swing by and see them in person, or contact us via the online store to place a special order.

Introducing: Wendell Burnette Architects

 Modern Architecture Phoenix - Wendell Burnette Architects - Dialogue House

Based in Phoenix, but speaking to a truly international audience, Wendell Burnette Architects grounds its design philosophy in a process of “listening” - an active collaboration between the client, the design team, and the contractors to build spaces that are at once functional and poetic.

Wendell Burnette founded his architecture firm in 1996. He has almost 35 years of hands-on experience in both commercial and private designs. He studied at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture for three years and served as the co-designer, project architect, and field architect for the new Phoenix Central Library while employed with the design firm of William Bruder. He currently serves on the faculty of Arizona State University as professor of practice at the Design School.

Burnette has gained inspiration for his designs through extensive international travel. From his visits to various countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, he has assimilated a unique world perspective on architecture. His work has been featured in more than 150 publications worldwide. His designs have earned both local and national awards. Because of this success, Burnette is often called upon to give guest lectures, to teach, and to critique architecture designs at universities and at America Institute of Architecture (AIA) events.

At Wendell Burnette Architects, the team starts by examining nuances of space, light, context, and place before submitting a design. They take into account the landscape of the area, specific client needs, and budget resources to deliver visually engaging spaces that seamlessly suit their locations while still delivering the functionality requested by the client.

If you live in Phoenix, you've no doubt noticed the stunning architecture of several public buildings and private homes designed by this award-winning firm. Scattered across the city, notable examples include the St. Francis Restaurant, Scottsdale Teen Center, Palo Verde Library, and Maryvale Community Center, among many others.

 Modern Design Phoenix - Wendell Burnette Architects
 Modern Architecture Phoenix - Wendell Burnette 

We’re fortunate to enjoy a very close relationship with Wendell Burnette. Wendell owns the building that For The People recently moved in to and has been absolutely wonderful in supporting our visions for the store.

But Wendell isn’t just a great landlord and good friend; he’s also an outstanding architect. We are constantly amazed by the genius and quality of Wendell’s work in architecture and design. It continues to inspire us to this day.

We are also pleased to announce that Wendell’s new book, Dialogues in Space, is available for sale right here in our store. Every page of this thick volume is a work of art - we find ourselves flipping through it frequently.

Some of the architectural wonders you can expect to find in Wendell’s book include:

The Dialogue House - a true study of the use of light in architecture. Nestled at the base of the Echo Mountains, this 2,200 square foot house projects two volumes of light, one warm and the other cool, to focus the eye on the vast horizon and the endless desert sky. Burnette was inspired toward this end by The Desert – Further Studies in Natural Appearances, a book written by John Van Dyke in 1907. The book examines Van Dyke's fascination with desert light, which he described as "colored air" and "reflected light." Burnette's house represents these concepts with deep charcoal masonry and vast expanses of windows.

 Modern Architecture Phoenix - Wendell Burnette Architects - Dialogue House - Modern Design 

The Desert Courtyard House - nearly hidden behind a long private driveway and spatterings of ocotillos and saguaros. The low walls of this house are made from concrete and dark soil excavated from the site, effortlessly melding the structure with its desert surroundings. By day those outer walls surround an airy, light-filled courtyard effortlessly wrapped with unending panes of glass. By night, the glass seems to disappear, giving way to the blending of the steel plate ceilings with the dark desert sky. As viewed from above, the weathered steel roof shrouds the house deep into the desert shadows.

 Desert Courtyard House - Modern Architecture Phoenix - Wendell Burnette Architects

The Amangiri Resort and Spa - awarded a “Best Retreat” nod from Wallpaper* magazine in 2010 for Burnette’s collaboration with three other architects on this project. The stunning 600-acre resort is situated in southern Utah and was commissioned by international hotelier, Adrian Zecha. Zecha's Aman Resorts have upped the ante for luxury accommodations in spectacular locales. The Utah resort incorporates earth tones, natural rock formations, and low profile buildings to seamlessly blend into the desert surroundings.

 Amangiri Resort - Modern Architecture Phoenix - Wendell Burnette 

Dialogues in Space is the first book to catalog the selective works of Wendell Burnette. The title refers to his philosophy that architecture is a mix of conversation between people, things, and time. Six different projects are highlighted in the 600-plus page book - pages filled with stunning color photography, drawings, notes, and an in-depth essay on Burnette's work by noted architectural critic and writer, Robert McCarter. The book delves into Burnette's creative process of exploring the human experience through thought-provoking structures that attempt to connect with our time, environment, and communities.

You can find the book here on-site at For The People. So come on by, pull up a chair, and treat yourself to a sincerely inspiring experience. We can’t wait to meet you!

 Dialogues in Space - Wendell Burnette - For The People Uptown Phoenix

Introducing: Finell

 Rebecca Finell - Sod Drying Rack - Modern Kitchen Accessory

"We celebrate simplicity." This is the motto that Neo Luxe designer Rebecca Finell lives by. She applies this same minimalist attention in all of her design applications - it shows through in everything from luxury handbags to fashion accessories. Rebecca Finell is the namesake and owner of her own luxury design company, Finell.

Rebecca designs products that utilize a unique mix of luxury materials while upholding top standards of quality craftsmanship. She is inspired by unpredictable catalysts - things like cars, origami and nature.

Rebecca focuses on designing items that she wants but simply can’t find elsewhere - essentially creating demand out of thin air based on her own impeccable sense of taste and desire for quality products. She and her design team currently enjoy using silicone, synthetic paper and wood in their award-winning designs.

Although her company is based in Austin TX, Rebecca has local ties to Phoenix. She graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2005 with a degree in industrial design after first studying pre-med and fine arts. In her junior year at ASU, she founded Boon, a baby products company that led to international attention and multiple awards. In 2007, Arizona Republic named her in their list of "Top 10 Women to Watch" and "Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35."

Finell's luxury products did not go unnoticed at the ICFF, North America's premiere show for global contemporary design. At its first exhibition at ICFF, the company won a Top Shelf Design award from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and also earned a coveted "Metropolis Likes" mention from Metropolis magazine for its Join placemats collection. Many top publications have featured the company in their magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, Dwell, Food & Wine, New York, Modern Luxury and more.

 Rebecca Finell - Phoenix Modern Kitchen and Home 

We love how particular Rebecca is. She reminds us a lot of ourselves in her philosophies relating to innovation and great minimalist modern design. "Great design is what drives every part of the Finell brand." Rebecca proves this philosophy in every facet of her exquisite neo luxe designs. Garnering international attention from top fashion press, high-end retailers and the luxury housewife alike, Finell's designs are definitively making a big splash and we love carrying her products in our store (and using them in our home).

One thing that Rebecca does flawlessly that we really appreciate is applying modern design techniques to truly functional products. As a great example, we have one of Finell’s SOD Drying Racks in our home just beside the kitchen sink. It’s such a simple daily tool, but the presentation is stunning and it regularly sparks inspired discussion amongst guests who are seeing it for the first time. This attention to engaging design work without sacrificing functionality is what makes Rebecca such a PERFECT fit for our store.

Another reason we love Rebecca Finell: the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) chose Rebecca Finell as one of 10 top designers in their first Women in Industrial Design show in June. This is the first time the organization has singled out women for recognition in the male-dominated field of industrial design. This is such a wonderful movement forward for the industry. We’re proud of Rebecca for the work she’s done, we appreciate the local history, and we just love her work. Can’t get enough of Finell!

As you might imagine, we like to stay pretty well-stocked with Finell products here at the store. They’re some of our most stunning presentations - we use many of them every day and love to share them with our guests. Some great examples of our favorites from Finell would be:

 Finell Misfold - Mid Century Decor Phoenix

The Misfold Origami Décor accessory - a visually stunning piece of art suitable for permanent display or as a party decoration. Made from white synthetic paper with wooden ends, the piece can be displayed horizontally or vertically depending on your space.

The Ven Zippered Pouch is flat when empty and takes on its unique origami-inspired shape when filled. The pouch is available in bone, black, and white and is constructed from U.S.-made leather. It features a nylon interior and is topped off with a metal zipper in matte black.

The Iso Clutch is a winning piece of contemporary design in the company's luxury handbags line. The clutch comes with an extendable wrist strap to accommodate various uses. Like the Ven series, this clutch is also made of U.S.-sourced leather. It features a black nylon interior and metal zipper in black matte.

In housewares, the company throws traditional storage containers for a loop with its sleek, one-of-a-kind silicone vessel line. Available in four distinct shapes and colors, these silicone vessels sport fun names like Spin, Poke, Crawl and Sway and can be used to hold anything you desire. The vessels are unbreakable and safe for food use.

 Finell Join Placemats - Mid Century Modern Design Phoenix

The Join-Facet Placemats are unique, 3-D printed silicone placemats that evoke the look of a geometric landscape. Available in sets of two in black or white, these placemats can be used separately or seamlessly joined together to make a stunning table runner. The silicone material makes it sturdy enough to double as a trivet.

 Finell Hex Servingware - Modern Bakeware - For The People Phoenix

The Hex 3-piece Baking/Serving Dish set features flawless serving ware can be used separately or stacked in various ways to create unique designs. The set is made from Teflon-coated aluminum and can be transferred straight from the oven to the dinner table.

Come by the store to experience Finell in-person or visit us online to shop more of her remarkable luxury products any time.

Introducing: Tom Dixon

 Tom Dixon Tank Series - Modern Barware - Decanter and Rocks Glass

The Tom Dixon Collection is bringing British design back into the mainstream. Since 2002, Dixon has offered his unique vision for interior goods to customers across the globe. However, Dixon's expertise will persist well beyond the 21st century. His work with modern lines earned him such honors as a piece that sits in New York's Museum of Modern Art as well as an OBE from Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II.

Prior to establishing his own company, Dixon was appointed as Head of Design and Creative Director of the renowned Habitat retail company, which was originally founded by Sir Terence Conran in 1964.

Since beginning his company, Dixon has expanded to the United States and Hong Kong. He has also collaborated with Adidas to create ultra-modern, highly sought after athletic wear. He made waves in 2006 for giving away 1,000 chairs that were placed in Trafalgar Square. These chairs were made from polystyrene in coordination with EPS Packaging Group. The goal of this foray was to simultaneously display the lightweight material and to offer a cost-effective quality design to the masses.

 Tom Dixon - Copper Barware - Modern Design Phoenix

We at For The People know that our customers depend on us to source unique products that unite modern design with utility. We recognized this marriage of primary elements in the Tom Dixon Collection and immediately fell in love. From a stunning copper coffee press to mirrored office supplies to inspiring lighting pieces, the Dixon collection is a must for any shopper seeking a unique look to add interest to their home.

The collection's Tank Series is comprised of barware and home accents. Each piece is made from hand-painted copper and hand-blown glass. A Tank decanter brings beauty into daily use while the Tank vase can make a beautiful centerpiece in any modern home. The Tank champagne and wine glasses are ideal gifts for newlyweds. With unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship, the Tank Series is an easy favorite to all.

The Tom Dixon Plumb Series takes a modern twist on standard barware. Hand-blown glass and copper is expertly united to create inviting, interesting shapes in vibrant colors. The Plum ice bucket is a unique design that will add fun sophistication to your bar area. The Plum serving bowl is a gorgeous midnight blue that adds a pop of color to any home. Dixon completes the Plumb Series with tongs, a copper serving tray, a cocktail shaker, and much more. The entire set fits together to create a cohesive flow while allowing each piece to shine on its own.

Dixon's Melt Series shows us that illumination does not have to be strictly utilitarian. Each piece of lighting is made to excite the eyes and challenge the mind. Using a technique called vacuum metallization, the Tom Dixon Melt Series is comprised of a distorted, incongruous globe that appears to have a solid, mirror-like finish when not in use. Once the light is turned on, Melt globes become translucent. This gives off the impression that fixture is melting, hence the name. For The People introduces you to Melt globes in copper and chrome, in large and mini sizes. Floor and table lights are available as well. These lights are stunning in any room of the home or office.

 Tom Dixon Modern Lighting Phoenix - Melt Pendant - For The People Phoenix

For The People customers are unique shoppers who want their homes to outwardly reflect who they are on the inside. We offer Tom Dixon pieces both online and at our home location in uptown Phoenix. Stop in to see these brilliant pieces in person or shop from the comfort of your own home. Let us introduce you to remarkable barware and lighting that is sure to dazzle you and your guests.