Hip Outdoor Spaces: Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

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Fall is approaching.  Here in Phoenix, it's the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spruce up you outdoor living spaces with a few essentials.  Whether you live within the urban core in a contemporary pad, have just purchased an amazing mid-century modern home, or just want to kick up your suburban abode, here are a few of our favorites...

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Modfire is a labor of love founded by two enterprising Indiana friends, Marty Young and Brandon Williams. The two men met in Chicago in 2005 and quickly found out they had grown up less than 20 miles away from each other in rural Indiana. With similar backgrounds and a shared love of building and design, the pair began fabricating one-of-a-kind steel installations for high-end Chicago lofts and making steel furniture.

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After six years and several changes to their artistic vision, the duo opened a studio in Phoenix where they now perfect and innovate modern outdoor fireplace design. The studio hit the mark with their signature design, a melding of urban Chicago and mid-century modern Phoenix architecture. Today, the design duo works with a team of steel artisans to hand-fabricate every piece of artwork in the studio, and the company has expanded to offer a wide variety of products. While Marty now focuses on customer relations, Brandon is still personally involved in the creation of every piece.

 hip haven- mid century modern planters phoenix arizona

Hip Haven is owned and operated by designer Kelley Sandridge and based in Austin, Texas. The company made its online debut in 2002 and focuses on designing what it refers to as “Retromodern Décor”, inspired by mid-20th-century modern style aesthetics. The company made a big splash with the Retro Bullet Planter. A true piece of art that can be described as one part science fiction, one part primitive, the piece has garnered national attention as a sleek piece of modern design in stunning retro style.

 mid century modern design phoenix - retro bullet planters - hip haven

As the company has grown over the past decade, it has incorporated its winning style of the Retro Bullet into other products such as lighting fixtures and outdoor furnishings.

Sleek. Stylish. Modern. These are the hallmarks of Modfire's design philosophy, blending so perfectly with our own vision for functional and visual perfection here at For The People.

The signature Modfire outdoor fireplace is an award-winning design that complements any outdoor space. Meeting somewhere at the intersection of space ships and old-fashioned smoke stacks, the Modfire fireplace seamlessly blends form and function. Available in seven bright colors in both natural gas and propane models, this piece stands an impressive four feet tall and certainly can’t be missed.

We love that Modfire is local. These guys have a truly unique vision and a line of outdoor products unlike any that we’ve ever seen before. We are so proud to carry their work in our store!

Hip Haven's Retro Bullet Planter is no less impressive. A true throwback to the original bullet planters of mid-century America, the Hip Haven Retro Bullet Planter is available in a total of 16 vibrant colors, ensuring it will pair perfectly with any décor. We love them - find them scattered all around our shop!

The sleek metal stand is available in black, white and unfinished steel powder-coat finishes, any one of which adds a visually stunning punch of mid-century modern style to the piece. The planter comes in three size options to accommodate any space.

We love the modern urban design flair of Modfire and we’ll always be suckers for true mid-century design aesthetics like those presented in the Retro Bullet Planter. But we especially love how fully customizable each of these products is!

Whatever your outdoor set-up, you can find perfect pairings here at For The People. And if you’re still on the hunt for other outdoor furnishings, we’ve got those, too! Swing by and see them in person, or contact us via the online store to place a special order.