Introducing: Modern Christmas Trees

 The Modern Christmas Tree Phoenix Mid Century Design

The history of the Modern Christmas Tree dates to the mid-1960s when architect Lawrence "Bud" Stoecker set out to create a Christmas tree like no other. Working with various materials, he eventually created a Plexiglas tree of concentric circles that amused and delighted all who viewed it.

Fast-forward more than four decades and the Modern Christmas Tree was born. Designer Matthew Bliss took his grandfather's vision and refined it, turning the typical Christmas tree into a work of art. The tree is now a fixture in Disneyland's annual holiday celebrations. Bliss’s trees have also been featured in the Contemporist, Dwell, Atomic Ranch, the Denver Post, and much more.

The new modern tree is acrylic, which makes it more durable and also more lightweight. Every tree comes with an LED light that is brilliantly reflected from the glass-like ring and optional ornaments. Each tree also includes a rotating mirror ball as an additional touch of lighting genius.

Bliss continued to build on his grandfather’s work by introducing different sizes of trees. He has recently created the half-tree, which stands at six feet tall, a full 1-1/2 ft shorter than the original design. The company also creates the Jubilee, a tabletop tree that fits in well with every decor.

Bud Stoecker suffered from Alzheimer's in his later years. He passed away just prior to his grandson having received a patent on the Christmas tree design. Understanding the great impact of Bud’s original vision, Bliss has dedicated his Christmas tree creations to the memory of his grandfather. Each tree includes Bud Stoecker's signature as a reminder of the original creative brains behind the beauty. In addition, a donation to the Alzheimer's Association is made in Stoecker's name each time a Christmas tree is purchased.

We love this tree for its simplicity and for its story. Aside from being a clean, convenient, modern alternative to a typical Christmas tree, we also love how brilliant this holiday decoration is. We love the way it glimmers and shines, and we love the way it complements just about any setting you display it in.

Each Modern Christmas Tree includes an installation guide and all necessary installation hardware, making setup and teardown a breeze. It also packs nicely into a condensed space for easy storage and affordable shipping.

Once the tree has been installed and ornaments are hung, the tree take son a life of its own, throwing light and color and shadow in all directions - an effect that is at once stimulating, inspiring, and sincerely calming. We seriously can’t get enough of these trees!

As a versatile and stylish alternative to live Christmas trees, the Modern Christmas Tree is a perfect fit for any home or office. The smaller options make incredibly memorable and creative gifts, too!

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Like so many of the amazing products that we get so excited to share you all of you, the Modern Christmas Tree is something you really have to see to fully understand. So come on by the store and experience this gorgeous piece of art for yourself, or visit us online to learn more!

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