Introducing: Finell

 Rebecca Finell - Sod Drying Rack - Modern Kitchen Accessory

"We celebrate simplicity." This is the motto that Neo Luxe designer Rebecca Finell lives by. She applies this same minimalist attention in all of her design applications - it shows through in everything from luxury handbags to fashion accessories. Rebecca Finell is the namesake and owner of her own luxury design company, Finell.

Rebecca designs products that utilize a unique mix of luxury materials while upholding top standards of quality craftsmanship. She is inspired by unpredictable catalysts - things like cars, origami and nature.

Rebecca focuses on designing items that she wants but simply can’t find elsewhere - essentially creating demand out of thin air based on her own impeccable sense of taste and desire for quality products. She and her design team currently enjoy using silicone, synthetic paper and wood in their award-winning designs.

Although her company is based in Austin TX, Rebecca has local ties to Phoenix. She graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2005 with a degree in industrial design after first studying pre-med and fine arts. In her junior year at ASU, she founded Boon, a baby products company that led to international attention and multiple awards. In 2007, Arizona Republic named her in their list of "Top 10 Women to Watch" and "Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35."

Finell's luxury products did not go unnoticed at the ICFF, North America's premiere show for global contemporary design. At its first exhibition at ICFF, the company won a Top Shelf Design award from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and also earned a coveted "Metropolis Likes" mention from Metropolis magazine for its Join placemats collection. Many top publications have featured the company in their magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, Dwell, Food & Wine, New York, Modern Luxury and more.

 Rebecca Finell - Phoenix Modern Kitchen and Home 

We love how particular Rebecca is. She reminds us a lot of ourselves in her philosophies relating to innovation and great minimalist modern design. "Great design is what drives every part of the Finell brand." Rebecca proves this philosophy in every facet of her exquisite neo luxe designs. Garnering international attention from top fashion press, high-end retailers and the luxury housewife alike, Finell's designs are definitively making a big splash and we love carrying her products in our store (and using them in our home).

One thing that Rebecca does flawlessly that we really appreciate is applying modern design techniques to truly functional products. As a great example, we have one of Finell’s SOD Drying Racks in our home just beside the kitchen sink. It’s such a simple daily tool, but the presentation is stunning and it regularly sparks inspired discussion amongst guests who are seeing it for the first time. This attention to engaging design work without sacrificing functionality is what makes Rebecca such a PERFECT fit for our store.

Another reason we love Rebecca Finell: the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) chose Rebecca Finell as one of 10 top designers in their first Women in Industrial Design show in June. This is the first time the organization has singled out women for recognition in the male-dominated field of industrial design. This is such a wonderful movement forward for the industry. We’re proud of Rebecca for the work she’s done, we appreciate the local history, and we just love her work. Can’t get enough of Finell!

As you might imagine, we like to stay pretty well-stocked with Finell products here at the store. They’re some of our most stunning presentations - we use many of them every day and love to share them with our guests. Some great examples of our favorites from Finell would be:

 Finell Misfold - Mid Century Decor Phoenix

The Misfold Origami Décor accessory - a visually stunning piece of art suitable for permanent display or as a party decoration. Made from white synthetic paper with wooden ends, the piece can be displayed horizontally or vertically depending on your space.

The Ven Zippered Pouch is flat when empty and takes on its unique origami-inspired shape when filled. The pouch is available in bone, black, and white and is constructed from U.S.-made leather. It features a nylon interior and is topped off with a metal zipper in matte black.

The Iso Clutch is a winning piece of contemporary design in the company's luxury handbags line. The clutch comes with an extendable wrist strap to accommodate various uses. Like the Ven series, this clutch is also made of U.S.-sourced leather. It features a black nylon interior and metal zipper in black matte.

In housewares, the company throws traditional storage containers for a loop with its sleek, one-of-a-kind silicone vessel line. Available in four distinct shapes and colors, these silicone vessels sport fun names like Spin, Poke, Crawl and Sway and can be used to hold anything you desire. The vessels are unbreakable and safe for food use.

 Finell Join Placemats - Mid Century Modern Design Phoenix

The Join-Facet Placemats are unique, 3-D printed silicone placemats that evoke the look of a geometric landscape. Available in sets of two in black or white, these placemats can be used separately or seamlessly joined together to make a stunning table runner. The silicone material makes it sturdy enough to double as a trivet.

 Finell Hex Servingware - Modern Bakeware - For The People Phoenix

The Hex 3-piece Baking/Serving Dish set features flawless serving ware can be used separately or stacked in various ways to create unique designs. The set is made from Teflon-coated aluminum and can be transferred straight from the oven to the dinner table.

Come by the store to experience Finell in-person or visit us online to shop more of her remarkable luxury products any time.