Introducing: Tom Dixon

 Tom Dixon Tank Series - Modern Barware - Decanter and Rocks Glass

The Tom Dixon Collection is bringing British design back into the mainstream. Since 2002, Dixon has offered his unique vision for interior goods to customers across the globe. However, Dixon's expertise will persist well beyond the 21st century. His work with modern lines earned him such honors as a piece that sits in New York's Museum of Modern Art as well as an OBE from Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II.

Prior to establishing his own company, Dixon was appointed as Head of Design and Creative Director of the renowned Habitat retail company, which was originally founded by Sir Terence Conran in 1964.

Since beginning his company, Dixon has expanded to the United States and Hong Kong. He has also collaborated with Adidas to create ultra-modern, highly sought after athletic wear. He made waves in 2006 for giving away 1,000 chairs that were placed in Trafalgar Square. These chairs were made from polystyrene in coordination with EPS Packaging Group. The goal of this foray was to simultaneously display the lightweight material and to offer a cost-effective quality design to the masses.

 Tom Dixon - Copper Barware - Modern Design Phoenix

We at For The People know that our customers depend on us to source unique products that unite modern design with utility. We recognized this marriage of primary elements in the Tom Dixon Collection and immediately fell in love. From a stunning copper coffee press to mirrored office supplies to inspiring lighting pieces, the Dixon collection is a must for any shopper seeking a unique look to add interest to their home.

The collection's Tank Series is comprised of barware and home accents. Each piece is made from hand-painted copper and hand-blown glass. A Tank decanter brings beauty into daily use while the Tank vase can make a beautiful centerpiece in any modern home. The Tank champagne and wine glasses are ideal gifts for newlyweds. With unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship, the Tank Series is an easy favorite to all.

The Tom Dixon Plumb Series takes a modern twist on standard barware. Hand-blown glass and copper is expertly united to create inviting, interesting shapes in vibrant colors. The Plum ice bucket is a unique design that will add fun sophistication to your bar area. The Plum serving bowl is a gorgeous midnight blue that adds a pop of color to any home. Dixon completes the Plumb Series with tongs, a copper serving tray, a cocktail shaker, and much more. The entire set fits together to create a cohesive flow while allowing each piece to shine on its own.

Dixon's Melt Series shows us that illumination does not have to be strictly utilitarian. Each piece of lighting is made to excite the eyes and challenge the mind. Using a technique called vacuum metallization, the Tom Dixon Melt Series is comprised of a distorted, incongruous globe that appears to have a solid, mirror-like finish when not in use. Once the light is turned on, Melt globes become translucent. This gives off the impression that fixture is melting, hence the name. For The People introduces you to Melt globes in copper and chrome, in large and mini sizes. Floor and table lights are available as well. These lights are stunning in any room of the home or office.

 Tom Dixon Modern Lighting Phoenix - Melt Pendant - For The People Phoenix

For The People customers are unique shoppers who want their homes to outwardly reflect who they are on the inside. We offer Tom Dixon pieces both online and at our home location in uptown Phoenix. Stop in to see these brilliant pieces in person or shop from the comfort of your own home. Let us introduce you to remarkable barware and lighting that is sure to dazzle you and your guests.